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Shibori Blue

  • 1 min read

Pattern: Shibori Blue

Winter 2021

Breezer in Shibori Blue

It's Back & Trending!

"Following the 2020 tie-dye trends, I was inspired to develop a pattern that would be able to complement a wide range of fashion pieces while also appreciating the art of tie-dye! Throughout the design process I leaned on the method of Japanese tie-dye to achieve the final look you see today. Shibori Blue has become one of my favorite prints because of the pretty sakura floral lining and the fact that the print represents my heritage!"
–Ami Richter, Designer and Co-Founder

*Items displayed may be subject to limited availability of stock
Shibori Blue in Carousel XL

From backyard craft projects, tie-dye loungewear to viral TikTok trends - there’s a good chance you heard about tie-dye in 2020! Our Shibori Blue print is here to continue the tie-dye fun in 2021 - a new neutral that is not so neutral! Don’t be afraid to dress up or make otherwise boring clothing, like sweat pants and T-shirts, more exciting with our Shibori Blue print.

Ami Richter

"I was frustrated that I couldn't find colorful and functional handbags, backpacks, and travel accessories. I wanted to design the perfect silhouettes that are all about smart organizational compartments and colorful palettes to help you stay organized and enjoy life's moments."
–Ami Richter, Designer and Co-Founder