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Bloom Black

  • 1 min read

Pattern: Bloom Black

Summer 2020

So Whimsical & Enchanted

"Our Bloom Black print has definitely become a favorite for all-year-round! The oversized colorful florals, grounded in black allow the colors to stand out with a bold punch - no matter what the season. When designing this print I was inspired by a night-time secret garden… so whimsical and enchanted! This print is timeless and I can imagine it sticking around in our Lug collection for a while."
–Ami Richter, Designer and Co-Founder

*Items displayed may be subject to limited availability of stock

The dark base of Bloom Black makes it so easy to mix and match with everything in your closet! However, our favorite part of this print has to be the pink and peacock blue accents throughout - which can be easily paired back to some of your favorite Lug accessories and can coordinate well with an all-over neutral look.

Ami Richter

"I was frustrated that I couldn't find colorful and functional handbags, backpacks, and travel accessories. I wanted to design the perfect silhouettes that are all about smart organizational compartments and colorful palettes to help you stay organized and enjoy life's moments."
–Ami Richter, Designer and Co-Founder