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Rainbow Navy

  • 1 min read

Pattern: Rainbow Navy

Summer 2020

It spreads happiness, joy and imagination!

"I absolutely love rainbows and as you may know, the Lug team aims to always #LiveLifeinColor! So naturally, we designed a pattern that illustrates just that! Rainbows are often only seen on kids products, so I wanted something that adults would enjoy wearing as well! This Rainbow Navy pattern is about spreading happiness, joy and imagination! I hope you love it as much as I do!"
–Ami Richter, Designer and Co-Founder

*Items displayed may be subject to limited availability of stock

This season, we wanted to bring you a pattern that reminds you of the brighter days ahead. Meet Rainbow Navy, a fresh blue print that we hope sparks joy for you this season and every season to come! When it comes to styling this happy print, denim and solids are its best friend. The dynamic blue hue in the base of the print makes it a perfect match for your favorite jacket or pair of jeans.

Ami Richter

"I was frustrated that I couldn't find colorful and functional handbags, backpacks, and travel accessories. I wanted to design the perfect silhouettes that are all about smart organizational compartments and colorful palettes to help you stay organized and enjoy life's moments."
–Ami Richter, Designer and Co-Founder