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Our Story


How It Started

Founded by Ami and Jason Richter in 2005, Lug was formed with a simple goal to freshen up the luggage retail environment with fun, functional and colorful designs.


Oprah Feature

Our functional Puddle Jumper Bag caught the eye of Oprah and that got us featured on the "O List" of Oprah's "O Magazine". This was a great honor as it helped establish Lug as a brand of choice among female travellers.


QVC Partnership

Lug joined the QVC family which is the number one home shopping network in the world that broadcasts to over 100 million American households.


SAG Awards

Lug was chosen to be the official bag of the 2018 SAG Awards® Gala Gift Bags. Our bags were seen on the arms of many recognizable television and movie stars.


LugLive Launch

LugLive, an exciting new level to the Lug shopping experience was launched. The live shopping channel lets us connect with our fashion-obsessed Lugnuts, offering firsthand looks at our curated products. We're also known to host some pretty special guests, so make sure you tune in!


CNN Feature

LugLive, an exciting new level to the Lug is featured on CNN, amid the pandemic's disruption, showcasing Ami and Jason's dedication to swiftly adapting their flourishing business.

Facing a global decline in travel, Lug was hailed for its innovative approach to travel accessories. Incorporating features like wipeable pockets for sanitization, they navigated through the crisis, with Lug continuing to grow.


Apparel Launch

Lug launches our apparel collection! From cozy essentials to fashion-forward pieces, Lug's loungewear and sleepwear is the perfect blend of comfort and style. Dive into our collection here!


Home Collection

Lug launches its Home & Organization collection. Introducing stylish storage solutions and chic organizational accessories, Lug now has just the thing to make life clutter-free!


Collaboration at Destination D23

Lug believes your DisneyParks® journey begins with packing! We were thrilled to premiere our collaboration at Destination D23 in 2023 (with a dash of extra pixie dust, of course)!


Creating Magic with DisneyParks®

Lug teams up with DisneyParks®! Lug favorites get a magical twist, with exclusive bag designs available at EPCOT® Walt Disney World. This collaboration combines our signature style and functionality with the magic of Disney®, creating unique products for park visitors to enjoy.


The View

Lug teams up with The View for a one-stop shopping experience of summer fun on View Your Deal. Providing multiple high-quality items at tremendous deals, Lug continues to showcase where fashion meets function.


As the family grows, the brand continues to grow. Lug has since blossomed into a strong lifestyle brand that includes smart, stylish solutions for everything from work to play to active living everyday – all in brilliant color.

Together We Are Lug

Our Puddle Jumper

The iconic Puddle Jumper is Lug's staple bag, winning numerous awards and gaining significant recognitions. It's unique design continues to dazzle fans both old and new. It's success has led into the introduction of a family of Puddle Jumper bags ranging from wheelies to backpacks to totes.

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