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Bloom Navy

  • 1 min read

Pattern: Bloom Navy

Winter 2021

An Awakening Energy!

"Since our Bloom Black print has been extremely popular over the last several months I wanted to bring in a sister option! The navy base of this pattern is able to coordinate with a whole different palette of colors for the floral details. The lighter green is fresh and a nod to one of the original colors in our collection...grass green! I also love that the deep orange, peachy coral, and lavender provide an awakening energy which is perfect for starting a new year or new season off strong!"
–Ami Richter, Designer and Co-Founder

*Items displayed may be subject to limited availability of stock
Bloom Navy trolleys

Bloom Navy’s wide range of hues makes for the perfect pattern, no matter the season or weather. What we love most about this pattern is how much of a statement piece it is - dress it up or dress it down! The options are endless when it comes to the Bloom Navy pattern - discover fan-favorites available in this bold print.

Ami Richter

"I was frustrated that I couldn't find colorful and functional handbags, backpacks, and travel accessories. I wanted to design the perfect silhouettes that are all about smart organizational compartments and colorful palettes to help you stay organized and enjoy life's moments."
–Ami Richter, Designer and Co-Founder