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Introducing Lug Home

  • 2 min read

Introducing Lug Home Organization

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Way back in 2005, Lug started with the whole idea that organizing your life could be stylish, fun, and full of color. And over the years, we’ve seen countless pictures of people and their Lug bags—including closets bursting with totes, wallets, and more! Which gave us a great idea…

Hitch Convertible Hanging Organizer

From hanging systems to storage bins, trunks to pocket drawers, our Lug Home collection helps you get in the closet and get organized. After a lot of creativity and planning, we’re rolling out some awesome designs and first-ever Lug patterns, so you can calm the everyday chaos of life, in the closet and beyond.

Lug home organization

“Like so much about Lug, the whole inspiration for Lug Home came right from our Lugnut Community.”
– Ami Richter, Co-Founder of Lug

Some Collection Highlights

Flatbed Collapsible Multi-Purpose Organizer

Where’ve You Bin All Our Lives?!

Our reversible storage bins are just the thing a home or car needs — a sturdy place for miscellaneous items, clothing, and more!

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Trolley 2pc 24 Pocket Drawer Organizers

Storing the Small Stuff.

We took the classic pocket drawer organizer and added some Lug DNA. Store your socks, undies, and all your Lug accessories — like rolled-up straps!

Hitch Convertible Hanging Organizer

A Shelf-Made Star.

Meet Hitch, a versatile and innovative hanging system. It comes with four big cubes and you can actually move the shelves up and down, so you can create different spaces of different sizes.

Cargo 2pc Collapsible Cube Bins

Birds of a Feather.

Check out our new Tropical Birds pattern! It’s making its grand debut in the Lug Home collection — and will soon be on select bags as well.

Press Release

"Given Lug's success on QVC and unique approach to function, quality, organization and style, we're thrilled to introduce their new collection to our storage category," Allie Koscevic, DMM, QVC. Click below to read more.

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