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Vegan Leather Collection

Get a Feel for Our VL Fabrications

Lug bags come in a few different fabrications, each with their own unique characteristics.

Discover Satin Luxe Discover Matte Luxe Discover Classic VL
Satin Luxe VL

Just In Satin Luxe VL

You’re going to absolutely adore our Satin Luxe Vegan Leather! It's a flawless fusion of smooth satin and luxurious leather, all infused with a twist of compassion. So, confidently step into the limelight with our Satin Luxe Vegan Leather – because who says fashion can't be both exquisite and kind-hearted at the same time?

Shop Satin Luxe VL

Take It All In

Oh So Luxe

Satin Luxe gives you an elevated and stylish look without sacrificing organization.

Wherever, Whenever

Rain, shine, work, weekend - wherever you go this bag will shine!

solid choices
Solid Choices

Take your pick from vibrant hues to timeless neutral shades.

Satin Luxe complete collection
Complete Your Collection

Add to your VL collection with this fashion forward must-have!

Matte Luxe VL

Introducing Our Matte Luxe VL

Matte Luxe – our newest fabrication – takes Lug bags to another level. It's still versatile enough to be your everyday bag, while also being fashionable enough for a big event. Picture canvas, only it's actually vegan leather. That's Matte Luxe VL.

Shop Matte Luxe VL

Why You'll Love It

soft canvas
Soft Canvas-y Feel

Matte Luxe isn’t hard like other synthetics. It’s super soft to the touch, with a nice supple texture.

dress it up
Dress it Up

With its sophisticated feel, Matte Luxe is perfect for all your events.

color with diff qualities
Color with Different Qualities

Every Matte Luxe color has a different vibe. Go lighter and casual, or darker and classy.

more coming soon
More in Store

We're just beginning to explore the possibilities of Matte Luxe—and we're excited to see where it goes next.

Classic VL

Get to know our Classic VL

Like lots of Lug's best ideas, our Classic VL came directly from customer feedback. “I wish Lug came in leather,” they'd say. That's when we began the quest to find a perfect, timeless material. And after countless hours of sourcing, testing, and testing again, we landed on our Classic Vegan Leather (VL).

Shop Classic VL

Why You'll Love It

not too hard, not too soft
Not Too Hard, Not Too Soft

Our Classic VL has that just-right feel that people love right away.

leather sheen
See the sheen?

Classic VL has a moderate sheen, just like real leather.

Pebble texture
Pebble Perfection

The unique feel of the Classic VL comes from its pebbling, which feels as nice as it looks.

Wipes right down
Wipes Right Down

Classic VL cleans up with ease, keeping your bag looking its best.