Mask Donation Request

Mask Donation Requests

To Our Frontline Workers & Healthcare Heroes
Thank you doesn’t cut it.

To show our gratitude, Lug is now accepting donation requests for medical, government and local use. As a company, we felt it was our responsibility to help keep our friends and family safe by making use of the resources we have at hand. By using excess fabric yardage, we were able to develop a thoughtfully designed reusable face mask that has comfort and safety in mind. We have had our masks meticulously third-party tested and have pivoted our factory production lines to produce these masks and swiftly bring them to the marketplace for donation and sale to front-line workers, government agencies, and to our Lug community. The Lug Beaker Face Mask is a non-medical grade mask made with a multi-layered polyester material that can be easily machine washed and reused.

At this time, we will be accepting donation requests for front line workers (e.g. healthcare facility, grocery store, shelters). The donation is to be used in the workplace. Each donation request will receive 24 Lug Beaker Face Masks with 96 disposable filters. If you require more than 24 masks, please email us at We will do our best to fulfill your request but due to manufacturing constraints, we may not be able to keep up with all requests.

If you are a team member at a hospital, care facility, or an organization, please fill out the request form below.


Mask Specifications

  • Non-medical grade face mask
  • Machine wash on gentle cycle and line dry
  • Multi-layered safe guard
  • Slip opening to insert a disposable filter
  • Water repellent outer shell
  • Soft and Breathable fabric
  • Stretch ear-loops for comfortable close fit
  • Comfortable one-size fits most adults
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