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Mothers Day 2024

  • 5 min read
#LugLovesMoms Collection

Our Love Letter
to the Mothers of Lug

Here’s to mom. She’s been there through it all. She's helped you through the good times, the hard times, and she knows you best. We want to give back to all the moms who've shaped us. That's why we have something for every mom. From first-time mommies to moms with teens, to older mother-daughter duos, here’s our fool-proof guide to helping you through all the stages of life!

Mommy and Mini-Me

Mommy & Mini-Me

Nicole & Layla

As a new mom, what are some of the challenges you've faced in finding the right diaper bag?

As a new mom, finding the right diaper bag was quite a journey. One challenge I faced was balancing style with functionality. I wanted a bag that looked good but also had enough compartments and space to hold all the essentials for my baby. Another challenge was durability. With daily use and sometimes rough handling, I needed a diaper bag that could withstand wear and tear without falling apart.

What features are you looking for in a bag that would make your life as a mom easier?

I'm always on the lookout for specific features that would simplify my life as a mom. Ample storage space is essential to accommodate all the necessities for my baby, from diapers to snacks. Organization is key, so compartments and pockets are a must to keep everything in its place and easily accessible.

Are there any bags on our website that you think would make a great addition to Layla's accessories in the future?

The Paddock Satin Luxe VL tote is a fantastic addition to leaving the house every day with Layla It ticks off all those boxes that I need in my everyday when it comes to keeping Layla ready for any mess or oopsies. The insulated pocket is great for any on the go drinks and snacks that I need to keep on hand, and the clear view adds quick access to any wipes or products that I use on the daily. It’s an excellent addition to Layla's accessories. Its ability to keep her comfortable, and keep me organized throughout the day makes it my reliable choice for everyday journeys.

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On the Go Moms

Moms Always on the Go

Gloria & Kristy

Gloria, with Kristy's busy schedule, what kind of products could help you stay organized and prepared for her various activities, like piano lessons?

Basically, we have a dedicated bag for each activity, and all her bags go into one bin (and her brother has his own). So when it comes time for a certain class, she knows which bag to grab from the bin. I use a simple Runner tote bag for her piano lessons since she only needs to take a few books. For her swimming classes, I use the Lug Peekaboo tote bag since it’s waterproof, along with a Clearview envelope for things like goggles and hair ties. We also use a medium Cargo packing cube to pack her change of clothes.

Kristy, you have one of our Lug bags! Can you tell us which one it is and why you love it?

It is the Curtsy Mini bag in Metallic Sugarplum! I love it because of the color as well as the pretty lining inside! I also like the little round pouch that comes with it, and the D ring lets me hang more of my keychains to it. And the double pen slots are very useful too!

Gloria, what features of Lug bags have made them a staple in your day-to-day life as a mom?

Definitely, the number one feature is the dedicated phone slot in almost all the bags I carry! I also like using the built-in wallet in the smaller bags so I can carry that on its own, or put that in a larger tote when I need to carry more. It also reduces the weight on my shoulder if I don’t need to carry a separate wallet.

Another combo I like to use is a packable backpack along with one or two insulated pouches for summer outings. I have shoulder pain so keeping it lightweight is important for long days (like a day at Wonderland). The insulated pouches are so great for keeping snacks and juice boxes cold without the weight and bulk of a cooler bag!

Lifelong Moms

For Lifelong Mothers

Mary & Catherine

Mary, thinking about your mom's interests and lifestyle, what Lug product do you think would make the perfect Mother's Day gift for her?

My mom has both choir and band rehearsals, so she needs a bag that can easily hold sheet music, a water bottle, snacks, and whatever else she needs for the day. I think that the Puddle Jumper LE is a great pick for her— it’s a classic, fan-favorite bag for a reason!

My mom and I love to go see theater together, both in New York and locally, and I think the Ranger is a great choice for a trip to the theater. It’s big enough to fit the program for a show, her wallet, tissues (we love theater that makes us cry), with enough room to fit a souvenir from the show. I would get her the Ranger LE Ultra X Crossbody Bag because it has hearts on it— and what are hearts if not a great way to let someone know that you love them? It’s so nice in the raspberry fabrication because it’s not too bright and would go well with my mom’s wardrobe.

Catherine, as a mother-daughter duo with a unique bond, what kind of Lug products do you envision gifting to each other and why?

Cross-body bags are the best for me. My bags always end up going on long walks with me, and the secure feeling and hands-free comfort of a cross-body bag is my number-one necessity! I often need a bigger bag to carry sheet music or books, so when I’m looking for a backpack or a larger tote, I like a bag with generous access to the interior compartment so I can keep my things well organized. Easy access outside pockets are a must so that I can get quickly to my transit pass, my phone, my lip gloss and other frequently used items. Side cargo pockets are really helpful, since I’m often taking a water bottle to a music class or a choir practice.

I’d want to give Mary a fun, everyday bag. A bag that can be useful from day to night needs lots of accessible pockets and ample interior capacity. I like the streamlined look of the Flapper SE Convertible Crossbody. The fact that it comes in cute colors like Plaid Pink or more elegant looks like Brushed Silver or Brushed Gold would make it a really fun gift to give!

Mary, what special memories do you share with your mom that inspire the gifts you choose for her?

When I get gifts for my mom, I think of activities we like to do together — like going to see theater! We love traveling to New York and we’ve seen some really awesome shows on Broadway, like Hamilton with the original cast and the revival of Follies starring Bernadette Peters. A great gift inspired by our trips to New York would be the Trolley Duffel, which would be a great bag to bring on a weekend trip! It has so many pockets, both externally and internally, so it keeps everything organized and easy to find.