• October's Fan of the Month Winner - Marilyn


    Congratulations Marilyn!! You have been crowned October’s Fan of the Month Winner!!

    Check out Marilyn’s Sweet Lug Story below:

    After losing a loved one this past year, I have learned to be thankful for even the smallest pleasures.  Anything that makes you smile or brings you happiness should be appreciated and celebrated.  My Lug bags have brought so much fun into my life.  They have been the source of many conversations with a dear long distance friend who also shares my passion for Lug's bright colors and unlimited style choices.  We spend many hours texting back and forth about our Lug wish lists and color choice dilemmas!  I love all of Lugs products but if I had to say a favorite, it would be the mini puddle jumper.  It is perfection in a bag and holds anything.  Soon I hope to add a full size puddle jumper to my collection.  I think the new teal color in this bag would be amazing!!! While unsuccessfully trying to stuff all of my dressing into my Thanksgiving turkey this year, I commented that if my turkey were a Lug bag, it would be able to hold everything I needed it to and then some!  Lug to me spells Lovable and Unarguably the Greatest.   I am thankful to Lug for such great product choices.

    Marilyn has won a Lug Weekender Travel Pack:

    Puddle Jumper
    CV 2 Pak
    Flip -Top

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  • September's Fan of the Month Winner - Jennifer


    Congratulations Jennifer!! You have been crowned September’s Fan of the Month Winner!!

    Check out Jennifer’s creative Lug love below:

    I am the ultimate lug fan because I strategically allowed my husband to purchase his toys, simply to take away all cause he may have to try to prevent me from pursuing my love of lugs.  I intend to permit him to purchase a new tractor, as I foresee many new lug purchase opportunities.

    Jennifer has won a Lug Travel Pack:

    Cruiser 4-Wheel Rolling Bag + 3PC Cargo Set!

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  • August's Fan of the Month Winner - Carol



    Congratulations to Carol Boshman - She is August's Fan of the Month Winner!!


    Check out Carol’s story to find out why she is a LUGNORMOUS Fan!


    My name is Carol and I am a LUGNORMOUS Lug fan.  I would like to nominate my kitty “Fluffy” and myself to share the title of Lug’s biggest fans of the month this month.  My Auntie bought me my first Lug bag three years ago and now I collect them.  It was a grey Skipper which is my purse and I still use it every time I go shopping.  I have had it a long time but it still looks shiny and new.  My Auntie just passed me down her beautiful purple colored Shuttle Bus!  She said she was ready for a new Airbus but I know it was mostly because I loved her purple one so much that she wanted me to have it.   My kitty “Fluffy” was instantly a fan and also loves my shuttle bus.  He sneaks into it whenever I am packing to go away.   I think he too knows how purrrrrrrr-fect Lug bags are and Auntie says he thinks Lug bags are “the cat’s meow”.  I let Fluffy take a catnap in my Lug while I decide what to pack and then he isn’t very happy when I have to lift him out.

    Last December I used some Christmas money to buy myself a cute and cuddly Under Cover Bear Pillow/Blanket for sleepovers.  My friends love it so much that my mom started buying Under Cover Bears for when I am invited to birthday parties.   Mom keeps a few of them on hand in the closet ready to go to the next birthday girl!  For MY birthday this year, Auntie got me a black Puddle Jumper that I use for swimming lessons at the rec centre.  It is one of my most favorite things!  I put my wet bathing suit in the mesh pocket so that it doesn’t get my other things wet.  

    Thank you for making wonderful bags and wonderful contests for all us fans!  I know Fluffy is your biggest fan because he ALWAYS snuggles up in my Lug bags and I am your biggest biggest fan because I love Lug as much as I love my kitty! Well…ALMOST!!!

    UPDATE:  Fluffy used my shuttle bus for a scratching post the other day!!!  It still is usable but I think I might have to let Fluffykeep it for her own!  Auntie says that that was Fluffy's plan all along because Fluffy loves Lug



    Carol has won the following Lug Prize pack, in the choice her of colors:

    Puddle Jumper Deluxe - Gym & Overnight Bag

    Roundabout  - Wallet

    Stowaway - Stacking Toiletry Case

    Swing - Cross-Body Bag

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  • July's Fan of the Month Winner - Kiara


    Congratulations Kiara!! You have been crowned July’s Fan of the Month Winner!!
    She has won a Back to School Bundle in the in the colors of her choice!

    Check out Kiara’s Lug love below:

    My name is Kiara and I am 10 years old.  Lug makes going back to school a little less boring!  I have a Lug Petals Lunch Tote that I take to school every day with my lunch in it.  It is so pretty.  My mom always puts a special “I LUG YOU” note in it with my lunch.  Get it?  I have a Lug Punter Zip Pouch that I use as a pencil case in class.   I also have a Lug Mini Backpack that I use to bring home all of my homework cause I am too old for my Tinkerbell backpack now.  My little Skipper goes with me for all my school field trips.  It has lasted me for a long long time and has been to lots of really fun places.   I also have a Lug Cartwheel that my mom bought me for improving my reading so much!  I use it for my gymnastics bag and it brings me luck!

    My mom LOVES Lug and I am turning out to be just like her.  I might be one of your youngest fans!  I bet I am your biggest fan because I love Lug so much that I took my mini Puddle Jumper for show and tell last year!!!!!!!
    (I also have a full sized puddle jumper and a stowaway bag on my Christmas list already to use for swimming lessons). Thank you for such pretty colours of such cool stuff!

    Yours truly,

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  • June's Fan of the Month Winner - Logan


    Check out Logan’s Lug love below:

    I Had to send a quick shout out to Lug for making some useful products for the outdoorsmen out there.  I like simple common sense tools, and Lug's Orange Label fits my needs just right.  I bought the Outfielder back pack at first because of the exterior pockets, and found it functions as great as it looks. The best part is the spot for my phone in the shoulder strap, that sits right at my chest.  I don’t have to take off the backpack to access my phone! This is very important for a person like me on the go.  I use this backpack for snowmobiling and quad riding.  It holds my snacks, emergency kit, GPS system, drivers license/registration papers, bottled water and extra clothes.

    I also bought the Boxer duffel to use at the gym, but I never seem to go anymore; since I am so active with outdoor sports.  I now use the Boxer as a helmet bag - my snowmobile or quad helmet fits in the Boxer well, and doesn’t get scratched.  The exterior pockets hold the extra plug for the heated windshield on my helmet, and anything else I decide to put in there.  I can often fit my gloves, face mask, extra socks etc in with my helmet.  It keeps all my stuff organized and ready in one spot.

    Both of these bags are rugged and hold up to the abuse of the elements, and they also wash up well.  Now I just need another Outfielder backpack and another boxer duffel for my kid.  He wants his own for his ATV stuff.  He knows that the Outfielder holds a lot of gear and snacks and man that kid likes to bring a ton of food!  Please make a good sized cooler and I will buy one of those too!  ( I have the lunch bag which is fine for work but not big enough for long excursions.)

    He has won the following Lug prize pack in the colors of his choice!

    Outfielder Backpack
    Boxer Overnight/Gym Bag
    Camo Cargo 5 pc Packing kit

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