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Lug is proud of the social investment we make in the communities through our LUG CARES program. Through this program we have assisted charitable and non-profit organizations reach new heights with their fundraising efforts.

Lug has chosen to focus its donations to support children’s charities, concentrating on children’s health and education initiatives in communities worldwide. Applications from schools will not be accepted. Through our support, we aim to give kids a healthier, happier future.

Although we would like to support every worthwhile cause, due to the volume of applications and limited budgets, it is not possible to fulfill every request. Our Lug Cares committee will review each request and notification will be provided if we are able to support your request.

Hull-Ellis Concussion and Research Clinic


In 2014, Lug was a founding sponsor for TWIINS, an event designed to raise funds for the establishment of the Hull-Ellis Concussion and Research Clinic at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. Since its opening in 2015, the clinic continues to make significant advances in the understanding of cognitive disorders, and the treatment of concussion. In June 2017, Lug was once again pleased to support the inaugural Toronto Rehab Golf Classic which directed its proceeds to this clinic. The funds are critically important to further study cognitive disorders, and develop a best practice model of care that others can emulate across the province, country and globally.



All requests for Lug sponsorship/charitable donation support must be submitted online. Please complete the entire application to ensure that we receive all the necessary information to properly evaluate the proposal.

The form must be submitted a minimum of three months in advance of need in order to be considered.


Some information you will require:

  • Information on your community group, including your organization’s name, mandate and charitable ID number
  • Contact information, including an email address and your position in the organization
  • Details of your request, including who are the beneficiaries, how much support you seek, and the project/event timing
  • Description of the project, program or event, including its goals, key dates, funding details, and other partners involved
  • Full details of the sponsorship benefits that will be provided to Lug
  • List of your organizations officers and board of directors

Online Application Review Process:

Once you have submitted your online application, a message confirming your submission will appear. You can expect a decision within 3-6 weeks of receiving your application. The response time may be prolonged in case of an unexpectedly high volume of requests or if your request is incomplete and we must contact you for additional information.

Giving Guidelines:

Please note that we generally do NOT support the following types of requests:

  • Financial support of cash donations
  • Political or religious organizations or events
  • Individuals independently raising money for an event or non-profit organization. This includes runners, walkers or bikers needing pledges to achieve their individual fundraising goals
  • Direct mail solicitations

Thank you for considering Lug for support – we wish you much success with your event!


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