How I Enjoy All The Little Things in My Life

Life is busy and we often don’t take the time to think back on our favourite memories or take time to create new ones. I consciously make an effort to be present in the moment by unplugging from technology, spending time with my family and always having that perfect accessory on my arm!

Ami carrying Lug convertible cross-body

My Everyday Moments

I’m an entrepreneur and designer by day, a full time mom at night and a chauffeur for my kids around the clock. With all the big and small moments of every day, I love using a cross-body to hold my essentials:  a notebook to sketch ideas, sunglasses to hide my tired eyes and candy to keep the kids quiet LOL! Its also easier to hug and be hugged when your hands are free - which are always my favourite moments of the day.

Ami carrying Lug convertible backpack

I’m a Traveler

Even though it can be hectic travelling with 2 small children, I try to find time to enjoy the moments of every giggle, tear and smile. Lost sunglasses, not enough clean clothes or a misplaced phone charger, its always an adventure when you are on the go. While I’ll never get sick of going to Disney for the umpteenth time, I’m always up for travelling to somewhere new to create new memories!