Mystic Seaglass

Pattern: Mystic Seaglass

Spring 2019

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Robyn Rehbein

I love this pattern but wish you would have done more pieces in it to match my Lavender bags from a few years ago. If you are not going to add to this color way could you please add a Colorway of: Lavender, Aqua teal, Orchid Pink, Concord, Marina, and Cobalt in Wildflower print, with ivory or light gray background and gray or ivory zippers.

Ami – Could you please consider doing the Wildflower pattern in the above colors in a bunch of pieces – especially the Trolley, a packable puddle jumper, (or Echo or Propeller that is packable), the Porter, the choo, choo, the carousel, the Splits, The cantor, and the chopper. I know I’m forgetting something bu this would be a good start.

I bought several pieces of the lavender color (periwinkle) and I added aqua teal pieces when i couldn’t get anymore in the Lavender. I liked the mystic sea and bought several pieces in that – unfortunately you didn’t use that a lot. Any way I’ve bought quite a few pieces in botanical black, but I really want a combo pattern in the colors I mentioned to go with my original pieces.
I know it takes a long time to go from design to production but I’ll be waiting, and will buy at least one of each of the above pieces if you can do it.
Thanks so much,

Sabrina Long

Tango in this color is my vote.

Robyn Rehbein

More Mystic SeaGlass please !- it matches my periwinkle pieces and not many do. I’d love to see the SeaGlass in the Trolley!!!!


I’d like to see a color that is in the hot-pink realm, with warm tones mixed in, say , a coral-warm-hot-pink.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mystic seaglass print. I have all the pieces. Can you please make more items. Particularly the gondola!

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