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What’s Your Color Personality?

Almost everyone has a favorite color or at least a color choice that they prefer! We’ve compiled a short list of selected colors to examine and discuss to find you that perfect everyday sidekick!

Let us help you find you the perfect bag to match your personality!

Charter in Brushed Moss


You are either striving for stability or have already mastered it and therefore, living a well-balanced life. Also, having a personality color green means you are extremely kind and have the ability to remain calm and think clearly through hardships.

If green is your go-to, feel-good color choice, then our Charter bag in Brushed Moss is perfect for you! Our Brushed Moss is a subtle pop of color and will have you turning heads! The Charter offers a roomy interior and an adjustable cross-body strap that provides convenience and ease. Because you are someone who is mindful of keeping harmony in your life, you like to stay organized and ready for anything. Features like our clear view window, water bottle pocket, and a comfortable shoulder strap help you feel more in control and secure in your everyday adventures! Knowing that your bag is organized and holds what you need, you have the ability to live up to your caring ways. Not only do you care about your own needs, you care for others and are willing to help out when needed (like carrying those extra hair ties in your purse!).

Perhaps getting yourself organized in 2019 is part of your goals this year - the pockets and organization of the Charter will give you the boost you need to get you started. It’s like finding your way back to an old friend who is always there to support you and to invigorate you for greatness ahead!

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Flapper in Brushed Gold


Where are our golden girls at? You are a ray of positivity and optimism! You have such a talent at adding richness and warmth to everything and anything! Also, did we mention that gold is the color of a winner? GO YOU!

Are you the type of person who always sees the glass half full? Then you are most likely drawn to the color gold & all its luxuries. You are someone who lights up the room and makes everyone in your company feel relaxed and valued! Along with these personal attributes, you are also extremely trustworthy, genuine and honest. It’s only fitting that someone as genuine and cheerful as you would have a bag that matches your personality! The Flapper in Brushed Gold features a luxurious and unique quilted pattern on the front that will get you noticed out on the town! Not only does it have the ability to be your perfect weekend sidekick as a crossbody bag, but it can also double as a waist pouch that can give your outfit a next-level finishing touch!! As you love to stay positive throughout the day, the Flapper features clear view slip pockets that are PERFECT for photos of your loved ones or positive quotes that you may like to keep on hand during the day!

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Tandem Snap in Shimmer Wine


You know who you are and what you want! Nothing will stand in your way. You are an extrovert, optimistic and confident. Having a personality color red, also means that you are ambitious and competitive and have such a drive to pursue your dreams and goals.

If you are a high energy individual with a winning mindset there's a good chance you are drawn to the color red. If you admire this rich tone, you are more than likely in a leadership role whether it's at work or in your home. Whether you’re at work or at play, you need to keep yourself organized and stylish for the days ahead. The Tandem Snap in Shimmer Wine is a warm and positive color that can energize and motivate you to stay focused. The Tandem Snap’s ability to keep your cards and everyday essentials organized all in one snap means that you don’t have to procrastinate and can get more done in a short amount of time!

Look out for the lady in red, she is on purpose and in control of her destiny.

Shop the Tandem Snap in Shimmer Wine now

Taxi in Brushed Silver


Just like gold, silver is often associated with wealth. Alongside that, the color silver emphasizes a level of sophistication, knowledge and female energy.

If this sounds like you, you are intelligent and full of creativity. You are a writer and love to express yourself through poetry, speeches, and novels. The Taxi in Brushed Silver is the perfect bag for you because of its north/south design and the abundance of interior room, filled with pockets perfect for writing material and everyday essentials. The Taxi, just like the color silver, is safe, practical and stylish! It’s resourceful and flexible and ready to take on new opportunities in order to keep you successful.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if this color draws you in, your more than likely to make decisions that are more logical than emotional. You are a deep thinker and carrying the color silver says more about you than you realize. Keep on pushing forward doing what you do best, YOU! You are on your path to living your best life.

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