Fun-Filled Holiday Activities

November 28, 2018

Fun-Filled Holiday Activities


Get the most out of this Holiday season with this list of fun-filled family activities! From building that perfect gingerbread house to cutting down your own Christmas tree, have some delicious and exciting fun with our 11 must-try holiday activities!

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  1. Ice Skating
    The best part of winter is that you can find many outdoor rinks! Are you living in a place that doesn’t allow for outdoor rinks? No problem, find a rink indoors and have the same amount of fun!
  2. Bake Holiday Cookies
    Get your friends and family together and bake your most favourite cookie recipes! You can even host a little competition and let the kids be the judge!
  3. Attend a Local Holiday Market
    Check out your local holiday events, whether its a maple syrup festival or a Christmas market! Enjoy it with your family and friends.
  4. Have a Holiday Movie Night
    Grab your favourite holiday movies & a bowl of popcorn and enjoy!
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  1. Warm up around a Campfire

    Whether that fire is indoors or outdoors, complete it with good friends, hot cocoa & s’mores!

  2. Admire Holiday Decorations and Lights
    Take a drive down some residential streets and try to find the best house on the block!
  3. Make a Gingerbread House
    Have a friendly competition and see who can make the best gingerbread house!
  4. Visit a Christmas Tree Farm!
    What’s better than cutting down your own Christmas tree and having its scent fill up your home?! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!
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  1. Decorate your Christmas Tree as a Family

    The Holidays are a time to cherish every moment! Spend time with your loved ones and decorate the tree together.

  2. Make Ornaments

    Use some clear, plastic ornaments to get creative! Go bold or go simple, it will definitely create an everlasting moment for the holiday season.

  3. Make a Snowman

    Relive your youth by getting outside and making a snowman!

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