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2019 Trends: Belt Bags

Welcome Back Fanny Pack!

Spring 2019

Yes, you read that right! The fanny pack is making a major comeback. Spotted on runways and red carpets in recent months, the fanny pack (which now also goes by the stylish names “belt bag” and “waist bag”) has celebrities and models to thank for its new rise in popularity. A functional fad from the ’80s, it was once reserved for tropical shirt wearing tourists. But with a drastic makeover and multi-ways to wear, this practical piece is now a fashion must-have.

Now that you know you need one, the styling options for how to wear it are endless. Whether you wear it low at the hips, wear it effortlessly across the chest, sling it over your shoulder or use it to cinch the waist of a flowy dress, style the fanny pack how you like it and make it your own.

Traditional Trend

Wear your fanny pack around your waist for a classic, comfortable style or keep your essentials close and sling the bag across your chest. It’s simply a delight to be hands-free! These secure ways of wearing your fanny pack are perfect for travel and everyday adventures. Make a simple look stand out!

Cassandra model Roundabout as a belt bag

Strap Length: 30" to 60"
Click to shop Roundabout

Be Bright & Bold

Look for bold and exciting colors, prints and fabrics that make your belt bag stand out. Let the fanny pack be the statement piece of your look. Think jeans and a white t-shirt or an all black attire, let the bag be your POP of color! Switch it up and wear it your way by pairing it with your own belt for a unique look that screams YOU!

Cassandra model Flapper as a belt bag

Strap Length: 29" to 55"
Click to shop Flapper

Always on Top

However you choose to wear your belt bag, make sure it shows! Yes, that’s right, you can wear your pack over a jumpsuit, dress and or even a jacket. Don’t be afraid to layer up! The fanny pack does no wrong, it’s easy to transform your look from casual to chic in no time.

Cassandra model Pitter Patter as a belt bag

Strap Length: 29" to 55"
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July 27, 2020

Lug please do coupe, can can2, minuet, and rodeo all in blush pink and stars and shells! I own a bucket slammed full of Lug bags and wallets I’m ready for these listed to add to my collection! I’d be so over excited if you’d did pleaseeeee! GOD bless you😘💖🙋🙏

Wanda Reed
Wanda Reed

May 17, 2019

Not a Lug I don’t like and I should definitely know.
Over last 6 months I’ve purchased 13 new bags.
Love the new floral patterns and new colors. If you’ve not tried this brand,DO IT TODAY, you won’t be sorry. Excellent product,Amy. Love them❤️

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