November 19, 2015

Congratulations Marilyn!! You have been crowned October’s Fan of the Month Winner!!

Check out Marilyn’s Sweet Lug Story below:

After losing a loved one this past year, I have learned to be thankful for even the smallest pleasures.  Anything that makes you smile or brings you happiness should be appreciated and celebrated.  My Lug bags have brought so much fun into my life.  They have been the source of many conversations with a dear long distance friend who also shares my passion for Lug's bright colors and unlimited style choices.  We spend many hours texting back and forth about our Lug wish lists and color choice dilemmas!  I love all of Lugs products but if I had to say a favorite, it would be the mini puddle jumper.  It is perfection in a bag and holds anything.  Soon I hope to add a full size puddle jumper to my collection.  I think the new teal color in this bag would be amazing!!! While unsuccessfully trying to stuff all of my dressing into my Thanksgiving turkey this year, I commented that if my turkey were a Lug bag, it would be able to hold everything I needed it to and then some!  Lug to me spells Lovable and Unarguably the Greatest.   I am thankful to Lug for such great product choices.

Marilyn has won a Lug Weekender Travel Pack:

Puddle Jumper
CV 2 Pak
Flip -Top