September 16, 2015


Congratulations to Carol Boshman - She is August's Fan of the Month Winner!!


Check out Carol’s story to find out why she is a LUGNORMOUS Fan!


My name is Carol and I am a LUGNORMOUS Lug fan.  I would like to nominate my kitty “Fluffy” and myself to share the title of Lug’s biggest fans of the month this month.  My Auntie bought me my first Lug bag three years ago and now I collect them.  It was a grey Skipper which is my purse and I still use it every time I go shopping.  I have had it a long time but it still looks shiny and new.  My Auntie just passed me down her beautiful purple colored Shuttle Bus!  She said she was ready for a new Airbus but I know it was mostly because I loved her purple one so much that she wanted me to have it.   My kitty “Fluffy” was instantly a fan and also loves my shuttle bus.  He sneaks into it whenever I am packing to go away.   I think he too knows how purrrrrrrr-fect Lug bags are and Auntie says he thinks Lug bags are “the cat’s meow”.  I let Fluffy take a catnap in my Lug while I decide what to pack and then he isn’t very happy when I have to lift him out.

Last December I used some Christmas money to buy myself a cute and cuddly Under Cover Bear Pillow/Blanket for sleepovers.  My friends love it so much that my mom started buying Under Cover Bears for when I am invited to birthday parties.   Mom keeps a few of them on hand in the closet ready to go to the next birthday girl!  For MY birthday this year, Auntie got me a black Puddle Jumper that I use for swimming lessons at the rec centre.  It is one of my most favorite things!  I put my wet bathing suit in the mesh pocket so that it doesn’t get my other things wet.  

Thank you for making wonderful bags and wonderful contests for all us fans!  I know Fluffy is your biggest fan because he ALWAYS snuggles up in my Lug bags and I am your biggest biggest fan because I love Lug as much as I love my kitty! Well…ALMOST!!!

UPDATE:  Fluffy used my shuttle bus for a scratching post the other day!!!  It still is usable but I think I might have to let Fluffykeep it for her own!  Auntie says that that was Fluffy's plan all along because Fluffy loves Lug



Carol has won the following Lug Prize pack, in the choice her of colors:

Puddle Jumper Deluxe - Gym & Overnight Bag

Roundabout  - Wallet

Stowaway - Stacking Toiletry Case

Swing - Cross-Body Bag