Congratulations Kiara!! You have been crowned July’s Fan of the Month Winner!!
She has won a Back to School Bundle in the in the colors of her choice!

Check out Kiara’s Lug love below:

My name is Kiara and I am 10 years old.  Lug makes going back to school a little less boring!  I have a Lug Petals Lunch Tote that I take to school every day with my lunch in it.  It is so pretty.  My mom always puts a special “I LUG YOU” note in it with my lunch.  Get it?  I have a Lug Punter Zip Pouch that I use as a pencil case in class.   I also have a Lug Mini Backpack that I use to bring home all of my homework cause I am too old for my Tinkerbell backpack now.  My little Skipper goes with me for all my school field trips.  It has lasted me for a long long time and has been to lots of really fun places.   I also have a Lug Cartwheel that my mom bought me for improving my reading so much!  I use it for my gymnastics bag and it brings me luck!

My mom LOVES Lug and I am turning out to be just like her.  I might be one of your youngest fans!  I bet I am your biggest fan because I love Lug so much that I took my mini Puddle Jumper for show and tell last year!!!!!!!
(I also have a full sized puddle jumper and a stowaway bag on my Christmas list already to use for swimming lessons). Thank you for such pretty colours of such cool stuff!

Yours truly,