June 15, 2015

Check out Erin’s story to find out her Puddle Jumper Love!

When we found out that were pregnant for the second time we were so excited but I could not bare to carry around that ugly generic black diaper bag anymore. I started to search for a bag that would work for my needs. This was when I found Lug, I immediately fell in love with the puddle jumper. This was the perfect diaper bag for us, it was super practical and super cute! This bag turned into my everything bag, my diaper bag, my overnight bag and my purse. Now that we have three children we have upgraded to the larger Puddle jumper and I was like a child waiting for it to arrive. I have spread my Lug Love and now a number of my friends own their own Lug bags as well. The quality, practicality and fashion are amazing and I will forever spread my Lug Love!!

Erin has won the following Lug Prize pack, in the choice her of colors:
Promenade - Full Tote
Compass - Cross Body
Quickstep - Wallet
Cargo - 5 pc Packing Kit