Undercover Bears
Agent Pufferton
11"w x 9"h x 3"d (pillow case)

Agent Pufferton covers you with Spirit + Hope

Color: Purple
Partner: Agent Gunther (Grey)
Favorite Food: Plum Pudding
Hobby: Philosophizing

Product Description

Agent Pufferton

This bookworm of a bear explores the library with unmatched zeal, finding wisdom and hope through words. Her gentle demeanor calms tension, while she raises spirits with her wit. Take comfort traveling with Agent Pufferton, who has learned from her studies that every journey begins with a single step.

The Undercover Bears

Whether hitting the road or flying the skies, this snooze inducing blanket and pillow set will quickly become a travel staple. Made from ultra-plush fabric with squishy ears to squeeze, these bears beg to be cuddled. Just remove the blanket, inflate the pillow, and slip it into the cover. And don’t fear spills—the blanket and pillow are machine washable.
Pillow Case Size: 11"w x 9"h x 3"d
Blanket Size: 35"w x 46"h

Best travel accessory ever

I fly a lot and this is the perfect thing, one incredibly cute, two perfect for naps with head leaning against window and it's so soft and cuddly.
Sylvia Calgary 10/18/2012


I have one and its so comfertable and warm!I love it!:)
olivia montreal 7/4/2012