Undercover Bears
Agent Gomer
11"w x 9"h x 3"d (pillow case)

Agent Gomer covers you with Luck + Growth

Color: Green
Partner: Agent Raydar (Red)
Favorite Food: Zucchini
Hobby: Gardening

Product Description

Agent Gomer

Agent Gomer is the natural choice for all things that sprout, bloom, and spring forth. From roses and daisies to radishes and string beans, this bear grows it all—a greener paw, there could never be. A journey with Gomer is sure to bring good luck and reinvigorate when it’s time to take cover.

The Undercover Bears

Whether hitting the road or flying the skies, this snooze inducing blanket and pillow set will quickly become a travel staple. Made from ultra-plush fabric with squishy ears to squeeze, these bears beg to be cuddled. Just remove the blanket, inflate the pillow, and slip it into the cover. And don’t fear spills—the blanket and pillow are machine washable.
Pillow Case Size: 11"w x 9"h x 3"d
Blanket Size: 35"w x 46"h

I love UCB!!!

I am 22 years old and I LOVE THESE BEARS! I bought the first one at a booth in Alaska (randomly). I loved it so much that i got another one and my cousin (who is 23) also wanted one! I always use them for travel, I love how they fit so conveniently in the little bag, yet there's an inflatable so that when you unzip the blanket you can still have a pillow! and the pocket is so handy for holding headphones, tickets, etc. I love how soft and plush the fabric is! I use these on airplanes, in the car, and frequently around the house! and they're so stinking cute! Makes a great gift for children or for the traveler in your life! even better for yourself, though! The only thing is the price is kind of steep, however they're worth it! I actually have two of them now!
chloe Grand Haven, MI 1/8/2014
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