Astro Zer0% Puddle Jumper
Overnight/Gym Bag
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14.5"w x 15.5"h x 6"d
Product Description
Gym Dandy! Not too big and not too small, with a pocket or pouch for every last thing, it’s easy to see why this bag is a best seller. With so many great features, it’s hard to pick a favorite: Probably the clear-coated bottom for easy cleaning and durability. Or the travel strap that attaches to any standard rolling luggage handle. Or the ventilated compartment that keeps the dirty clothes/shoes away from the clean. Or the … you get the picture. This bag has all the bells and whistles.

The Puddle Jumper design was inspired by frustration of having to topple over and squish larger duffel bags to fit into a gym locker. The bag was specifically designed to fit upright for easy in and out access!
  • Tons of storage pockets and compartments
  • Lower main compartment for cosmetic storage
  • Detachable mirror
  • Plastic coated bottom with metal feet
  • Ventilated zip pocket compartment in back perfect for shoes or soiled clothing
  • ID card for identification
  • Interior bottle holder and cargo pocket
  • D-ring for keys, pen holders & interior zip pocket
  • Material specially treated with water-repellent finish

Living Up To Expectations

I purchased my very first lug bag yesterday and decided to go with the Puddle Jumper. My messenger bag of 12 years finally bit the bullet and I was looking for a bag or purse that could meet my high standards. I like to carry my work papers, cosmetics, and anything I might need throughout the day. Usually purses only last a couple of months with me and are filled to the brim, the puddle jumper has actually gone above and beyond all my expectations without being overly cumbersome. It currently holds my wallet, journal, pencil case, notebook and clipboard, cosmetic bag of femine products, makeup, sunscreen, body lotion, and the jewelry tote (Flipper), that I also purchased. The d-ring is perfect for my keys, which I'm known for losing in my purse, and although I've rolled up the ventilated pocket so it doesn't take up any space in the body of the bag I did bring home takeout food in it initially (perfect fit), so I know I'll get use out of it in the future. I don't think I'll ever need another bag. Great work Lug team!
Mags Winnipeg, Mb. Canada 7/12/2014

Love the Puddle Jumper

I use this as a tennis bag and I love it. I can fit 2 rackets and my clothes in the main area with the handles sticking out the top. My only complaint is I wear a 10 1/2 shoe and they barely fit in the shoe compartment. I wish it were slightly bigger.
Carrie Minnesota 5/28/2014

Best Diaper Bag

I got this bag because I loved it and wanted it for travel. A few weeks later I found out I was pregnant. I went through several diaper bags. Nothing held up for me. Then I decided to use my puddle jumper, best decision ever. This bag holds everything I need when out for the day with baby. I use the shoe compartment for diapers and wipes, such easy access. All of the pockets make it easy to find what I need. I just ordered the flutter cross body bag to use while baby wearing. I can't wait to get it. I know I will be happy!!
Katie Grand Haven, MI 5/2/2014

No Shoulder Strap

I bought the Puddle Jumper bag quite awhile ago and I love it. It has a lot of good features including lots of compartments for small items and a place for my Ipad. When travelling I use it as a carry on and it holds all the things I need to carry on board. The only issue I have with this bag is that it is difficult to carry on your shoulder with the weight. I would love for it to have a long shoulder strap so that I could carry it as a cross body bag.
Evelyn Butt Carbonear, NL, Canada 2/14/2014


I've had three of these bags over the last 7 yrs and the straps keep changing. The most recent straps are very thin and not padded, like they used to be, there's an added non skid shoulder part but I wish you would go back to the straps that were padded or at least a bit thicker.
Courtney Chicago 11/28/2013

It's almost perfect

I have the grass green Puddle Jumper and I mainly use it as a weekend bag or as a carry-on. It sure holds a lot, but I generally dislike the number of pockets it has, and I don't like the handles. They're somehow not long enough to carry on my shoulder, especially if wearing a coat, and it's awkward to carry around an airport. Sturdy but not perfect.
Christine Up north 11/3/2013

Best Purchase Ever!

Love doesn't even begin to say how much I LOVE my puddle jumper bag! I'm a fan or organization and I purchased my puddle jumper about 3 years ago after seeing friend unpack hers after a day of work. It was like a tickle trunk as she kept taking more and more stuff out of it. My bag became my go to for work as I travel quite a bit and always take lots to occupy me on the road. I can easily fit 2 binders (+), my computer, 2 phones, ipad, book, water bottle, wallet, toiletries etc in this bag at once and everything has its own spot and is easy to find! I agree with the above comment about how this bag has changed my life. I highly recommend it to my friends and family, as well as on occasion to perfect strangers in malls that are debating their first lug purchase! :) I love this bag and am always looking for a reason to by another LUG :) Lesley
Lesley Calgary 8/7/2013

Diaper Bag!!

I use this as a diaper bag and I love it!!! I can carry everything I need!
Ana California 6/9/2013

Best Diaper bag ever!

I got this 2 1/2 yrs ago when I had my second child. I wanted a big diaper bag that could fit everything I needed for 2 kids. This bag held up so well, it fit everything I ever needed and all of the compartments were great for a change pad, snacks, clothes, and toys. I used the "shoe" compartment for diapers and wipes and it was really easy to grab them out of there. The only reason I'm on here searching for a smaller bag is because the kids are bigger and we just don't need all of that room. It's been such a great bag that I want another lug.
Stacey M. Denver, CO 4/22/2013

Cute, stylish, versatile "everyday" bag for women on the go!

Love all the well thought compartments and pockets on this bag. I've had it for nearly 3 years now and it still looks almost new - I abuse it pretty horrendously and it's held up great. The quality is decent, but I find that the synthetic fabric's fibres will often fray and stick out in wisps at the seams and the matching colour enamel on the silver zippers (that contrast with the metal so you can read the brand name) popped out of them and were lost within just a couple of days' use - neither affect the practical functionality of the bag, but worth mentioning re: build quality. I've used it for both travel and everyday and it's big enough to fit: - my 13" inch laptop (inner elasticized pocket) - a water bottle (inner elasticized side pocket) and/or mini-umbrella - my Kindle e-reader (outside "magazine pocket") - sneakers, gym clothes, lunch and a small purse or: my martial arts uniform (thick Judo-style) and sandals - a magazine or printed material and passport, plane ticket/boarding pass in the outer pocket - first aid supplies and hair care items in the back pocket - cosmetics in the two small front pockets - iPod touch, cellphone, a pen, lipstick/gloss and travel toothbrush/paste in the front zip pocket next to the mirror - more pens/highlighters and pen-sized hand sanitizer in the inside slots The only thing I don't like about it is that it's easy to always want to stuff this bag with as much as you can (just because you can) but for the sake of your own comfort, I don't recommend it: the small, tote-bag style handles on this thing aren't really comfortable for hauling a lot on one shoulder or holding it at your side while walking any great distance - and believe me, I've tried. (The latter is especially awkward with a bag of this length if you're a shorter gal like me.) If you want a bag you can pack to full capacity while retaining decent mobility, which most people will want to do (why make a bag that size otherwise?): - The mini version of this bag makes more sense if you're wanting a tote bag with small handles - It looks like they've come up with a similar-sized bag (the Sprout Carry-All) that at least has different strap options (over-the-shoulder and even backpack style) as more comfortable alternatives for when you need all that capacity; plus, it's water bottle holder is external, which is more convenient to get at when you're on the go. Removed half a star for quality issues and one star for practical design/comfort considerations since by its nature, most women will want this to be an everyday bag they can commute with, etc.
J.D. Winnipeg, MB 3/20/2013

Best Bag I've Ever Owned

Fits everything I need for class and a quick trip to the gym during the day. I get so many compliments on it. I've had this for over a year and used it pretty much everyday, and it's still as good as it was the first day I got it. Definitely getting another one.
Maria Pennsylvania 2/4/2013

Puddle Jumper

I purchased a blue puddle jumper for a friends' birthday. She loved it, I have now purchased one for myself in rose. Love all the compartments.
Linda Adams Edmonton, AB 12/13/2012

best. bag. ever.

i absolutely LOVE this bag! i was given mine as a gift from a distributor and have used it for over 5 years...until it was stolen after my rental car was broken into. so, i'm here to buy another. it's the PERFECT overnight+ bag for me. i'm a pretty light packer but this holds everything, including my laptop, which i love, because i hate carrying loads of bags. great for traveling anywhere from 1 night up to a week! this bag has been all over the country and abroad - it's my go-to bag. not to mention i get tons of comments on it!
kristin ocean grove NJ 10/15/2012

Puddle Jumper - Good overnight bag

I purchased this bag (the green one) because I have to travel a lot - one night or two at the time. The bag is perfect for this kind of short trips - enough space, lots of organization and a pocket for the shoes (or anything you don't want to place with the rest). Only problem would be that the bag is actually pretty heavy when empty, therefore, even with very few clothes and a pair of shoes, it turns out a heavy luggage. Throw in a book or two, and you might not want to carry it around for too long. Still, the look is great, and the bag looks new after dozens of travels (and lots of rain, snow and mud) - that's quality I like.
Juliet Montréal, QC 8/24/2012

Love it!

I've had this bag for 2 years and it's holding up to my abuse very well. So many compartments and pockets keeps all my things organized.
Suzanne Dubois Halifax, Nova Scotia 8/24/2012


I have had my puddle jumper for 5 years now and it has travelled with me everywhere! It is the perfect carry-on, but I also use it for day trips with the family as well as to work. The netting in the breathable compartment finally ripped on our last trip. So, I'm off to buy another one before our trip to Disney! Can't decide which colour... :)
Janet Saskatoon 7/16/2012

Perfect for Work and Play!

This is really the epitome of what a bag should be, I originally got it as a work bag when I was commuting an hour and a half to work and it was fantastic on the bus because it stands up right and I dont have to worry about the bottom getting nasty, I just wipe it clean. Now that I am working closer to home I love it even more. I walk the 25 min to work and I love this bag because I can throw my flats in the ventilated compartment instead of walking in them. That way I can wear sneakers to work and change and it really is so much better for my feet. The other great thing about this bag is all the pockets and organization, I have spaces for my wallet, key, book, folders, makeup, lunch, water/soda, pain meds (for those pesky headaches), sunblock, pens, pencils, phone, ipod and a sweater. The best part is how lightweight the bag itself is, all the weight is from the stuff I put in. I havent taken it on a plane yet, but is a great weekend bag for clothes, books, toiletries etc. All I can say is if you have any sort of commute to work, this bag is a must have because it has a place for everything and it is water repellent so I dont have to worry as much if it rains which is nice. TIP: The zip pocket on the back is perfect to carry your phone an have easy access to it! Thanks lug!
LugNut Canada 6/26/2012

puddle jumper overnight gym bag

Hi,, I bought this in black two months ago. what I love about this item is that is holds everything compartimented. and I still have lots of empty space in this bag, which never happened before with a purse, even with a tote, everything was mixed together with this puddle jumper bag, no more chaos.
claire bellerose montreal, qc 6/5/2012


I use as a tennis bag- 2 reg sized racquets fit in outside pocket. Very durable and gets lots of compliments
Karen S Wiley Alabama USA 5/19/2012

Very Happy with My Lug!

I’m in University and bought my Lug in order to carry my books and all my everyday stuff. The Puddle Jumper fits my needs perfectly. I carry my lunch, snacks, water bottle, books as well as textbooks and folders in the main compartment. The card slots that are intended for a gym membership work well for a bus pass. My bag is Fog Grey, a nice dark silver. I love the spots and pockets for pens, ipod, cellphone, keys, and the mirror that is included. This bag is also excellent in any weather, protects all my stuff in the snow or rain. The plastic covered base is another plus because it is easy to clean. I love to be organized and Lug knows how to do it best!
Em Ontario 5/7/2012

Great Everyday Bag

I'm usually a bag snob - I won't buy anything other than leather. However, I bought this in navy to use as a work bag, because I was tired of scuffing and stretching out my leather bags on my commute. It's not as fussy as leather or as heavy - it's okay to lug around and just wipe off, and it looks pretty decent for a nylon tote (and more ergonomic than most nylon totes, such as the Longchamp Le Pliage). I love all the pockets - I keep my essentials in the outside pockets and I stuff things like my lunch bag, umbrella, and an extra sweater or shawl on the inside, and it fits everything without being too bulky or heavy. I appreciate the coated bottom, and the handy mirror on the inside of the bag. It can also fit smaller laptops (15" or smaller) pretty easily. I can really stuff it and it is still very sturdy and not too heavy in comparison to some larger leather totes, which quickly become unwieldy. I would add a crossbody strap for commuting and/or a snap closure/strap closer for the two should straps, as when I wear big jackets in the cold Canadian weather the outer strap tends to slide off, which is annoying (I just bought a velcro laptop power cord strap to hold it together). Overall I am happy with my purchase, and might buy a crossbody bag next for travelling - the brighter colors are fun and seem to be appropriate for summer travelling.
Ines Montreal, QC 4/30/2012

Public Relations Director

I travel frequently and needed a "go to" bag. I recently took it out of my closet for a National volleyball tournament and a week later took it on a plane as a carry on to Mexico. I am still using it two weeks later and it houses all of my paperwork, hobbies, etc. very nicely. I purchased it three years ago in Champaign, IL. USA
McKnight Chicago 4/24/2012

Perfect Diaper Bag

I bought this bag to replace my diaper bag after seeing another Mom with the Puddle Jumper. The separate compartment for dirty diapers, deep inside pocket for change pad and wipes are small details I don't even find with most diaper bags. I love that there are many pockets on the exterior for all my things. This bag is perfect for lugging around my baby's stuff. The only thing I would have wanted was an adjustable strap to allow me wear it cross-body so its easier for me to manage while carrying my baby.
Helen Toronto 4/24/2012


I really enjoy travelling with this bag. It is a wonderful diaper bag, tons of pockets that you get used to quickly. I also love the waterproof pocket so nothing leaks into everything else in the bag.
Shekinah K Ontario, Canada 4/18/2012

Puddle Jumper

I received this bag as a gift, the metal foot on the bottom fell off a few months after I received it. I contacted Lug and have had nothing but prompt, courtious customer service. In the end Lug is replacing my PJ. Thank you Lug for such great service
Cristine Ontario 4/18/2012


I received this bag for christmas from my parents. I was so excited because I had been wanting to order one for a long time. I use it to hold my painting supplies and other craft stuff. When I think of a bag to hold craft stuff I think it must be utterly unorganized and messy. Stuff EVERYWHERE!! But that is not the case. This bag has so many pockets and places to put things that it is easy to keep every thing nice and organized! I give every compliment to the person whom deseigned it, and to the company whom produced it. This is a truly great product!!
Grace Ontario 1/17/2012

I love my new Puddle Jumper!!!!

I love this bag! It is amazing! It works as my purse, gym bag, "mom can you hold this" bag and lunch bag!! I love all the pockets and compartments it has. My ONLY complaint is that I wish it had a cell phone holder inside the main section instead of in the front zipper section. I get so many compliments every where I go. Thank you to whoever designed this awesome bag!!
Laura FL 11/11/2011

I love my Puddle Jumper

I bought my green puddle jumper in april 2011 to take to London and Paris as a carry on bag. At first I thought there were just too many pockets, pouches etc but I found that with constant use over 6 weeks of travel I needed the organization that this bag provides and now I cannot function without it! I've been suprised at how many local people recognise the LUG label and i've noticed a few stores in our small Canadian town carry LUG items. Note - Puddle Jumper sells for $80.00CND at Tilley's in Vancouver - cheaper than I paid online. I love the care and thought that has gone into the design of this bag - I thoroughly recommend it.
sue comox, BC Canada 8/3/2011

awesome as a diaper bag

Bought this originally for my own use but have since found that it makes a perfect diaper bag- absolutely everything fits perfectly and easily- the plastic liners in the pouches,etc make it ideal for carrying wet items if necessary and looks extremely fashionable-I couldn't be happier-I defy anyone to find a better bag on the market!
Megan London,Ont 7/20/2011

Love, Love, Love!

i love this bag! I travel extensively and this is my go to bag for carry on luggage and for overnight trips. I have had this bag for almost three years and it's so easy to clean - love that it has little metal feet on the bottom that keep it off the floor. Love it so much I have already bought three to share as Christmas is that for an endorsement?! I have also bought the travel pillow/blanket, the camera case, the toiletry case and the passport/travel document holder.
Rhonda Calgary, AB 5/31/2011


I love my puddle jumper and use it as my gym bag every day - only complaint is that I find it a little tight on space when I have to carry a towel for showering - but I LOVE the ventilation for the sneakers and everything else about it overall.
Debbie NS 5/4/2011

Excellent work bag

This bag is not so big that I can stuff it too full for my daily commute - but it is big enough for me to bring my lunch, my agenda, my book and clipboard, and there is a front pouch for my wallet and phone, a side pouch for my metropass,another side pass for my security pass, and a mesh key holder on the inside. I love that it zips securely so that no pick pockets can grab n' go, yet allows for easy access in a well organized way by the user! Thanks!
Julie Toronto 3/1/2011

Love it!!!

This is my first Lug bag and I can't wait to get more! I ordered it online and it was delivered very quickly. I'm a university student and I use this as my school bag. I throw my books, pencil case, agenda, glasses, snacks, lunch, gum, everything in there! in the large pocket on the front I keep my wallet, keys, and any cosmetics I need. The outside side pockets, when unzipped, also fit a water bottle, even though it's not meant for this. The small pocket on the back also fits my iphone perfectly! I love not having to search for my phone (and keys) any more! My bag is always on the floor so it's nice having the plastic bottom that just wipes clean. One of the things I hate about most bags and purses is that the straps fall off your shoulder. Not this bag! It also seems to be very durable. It would also make a great carry-on bag when flying!
Jen British Columbia 2/9/2011

Love my Lug

I bought this bag for my 'work' bag! I LOVE it! I can fit all my snacks and book into it and carry my water bottle without worrying about losing it. And I love at the end of my day, I know exactly where my keys are! I am buying the Puddle Jumper bag at the end of the week to be my gym/carry on bag! I am so excited I keep looking online at the colours!
AR Charlottetown, PE 2/1/2011

Definitely Versatile and Durable

I just bought this bag in pink after spending months trying to find the perfect bag for carrying on a plane that would fit my laptop (16") along with everything else I need. I have to tell you that this bag is perfect, with the plastic protector that washes very easily on the bottom, and all the little pockets - one for everything. Travel documents, snacks, etc, each have their own individual storage spot in this bag! Even though it specifies that it is only 14.5" wide, I had the wonderful lady at the store measure it for me, and it's definitely wider and my laptop fits no problem and I can still put in a lot of stuff and zip it comfortably. I would not recommend it for a larger laptop than this, it might restrict how much other stuff you can fit, but I see another reviewer uses it for a 17" laptop and loves it, so it depends what else you want to fit in the bag! All in all, this bag exceeded my expectations, and although I have not had it very long, I can comment on the durability of these bags based on my experience with the Cabby Social Tote, which I use for work daily and I am very rough with my things. It is still in mint condition.
Jamie NB, Canada 1/14/2011

Travel pro

After being forced to shove my purse in my carry-on luggage one too many times, I bought the Grey Puddle Jumper to deal with the '2-bag-limit for carry-on' when flying as I was used to being able to bring my purse, rolling suitcase and small laptop bag with me on business travel.

My 16" laptop, cord/mouse, wristlet/wallet, cosmetics bag, glasses, notebook, flipflops, and iPhone pharaphanalia all have their spot in this bag, making it the ultimate carry-on. I rarely use the velcroed-over-the-handle-strap as the bag is wide enough to balance on top of my 22" suitcase just fine on long airport treks. I love the plastic bottom too.

The only caution I have is that the bag is so well organised that you tend to put a lot of stuff in it, resulting in a very heavy shoulder bag.
Trina Carp ON 9/18/2010

Versatility is Key

What I love about this bag is that I can use it for everything.
1) Overnight size 12 (yes I am tall) shoes actually fit in the shoe compartment, along with my clothes, toiletries, and I can even throw all my purse stuff in there so I only need to carry one bag
2) Laptop bag - having a widescreen laptop makes it difficult to find a bag that actually fits without stretching. I can pop my 17" widescreen lappy in this, along with powercord, all purse stuff and happily go on my way with no troubles!

I am sure there are many other ways that I could use this, but there are so many possibilities I have yet to discover them! This is a bag I will have forever - thanks Lug!
Stretch Kitchener 9/10/2010

Puddle Jumper - Fabulous

I bought the puddle jumper last summer. It was the perfect size to not only take to work with me for the remainder of my summer job, but a great size to take to class at university. Prior to purchasing the puddle jumper, I would not put my laptop in anything but my backpack worried that anything else would break or not provide sufficient protection; however the puddle jumper not only fits my 15.4 laptop, but is strong and durable. It is great for heading onto campus for a day - the multiple pockets allow for easy access to whatever you may need: water bottle, keys, pens, etc.
d Toronto 4/22/2010

I <3 This Bag

I've had my midnight black Puddle Jumper for at least 2.5 years. It looks brand new. I love how utilitarian it is. The product design was exceptionally well thought out. The well laid-out organization makes it the perfect carry-on bag for flights. And the wide straps are great. I'm thinking about getting the weekender bag, too.
Kristen T Chicago 4/22/2010

Puddle Jumper - Fabulous

I recently purchased the puddle jumper in orange - I love it! It is a perfect size for everyday use. I purchased mine in a small town in Northwestern Ontario. I loved it the instant I saw it in the window.
It is perfect for bringing to work or going shopping and holds my wallet, change purse, book, camera, Nintendo DS, makeup, etc. I love the outside pockets what are perfect for keys, subway tokens, iPod, etc.
You will not regret buying a Lug.
Grace .
Grace H Toronto 4/21/2010

Puddle Jumper-Fabulous

Wonderful, I love it and want more. There are no stores near me.
Pat Mullins Florida 4/8/2010

Puddle Jumper-Fabulous

I just had to write and tell you how thrilled I am with the Puddle Jumper!

I live and work in Dowtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada and do the Urban thang- walk everywhwere and metro it.

Until I discovered the Puddle Jumper, I would leave my house every morning "saddled up" for the day; Purse on right shoulder, cross-shoulder laptop bag, and of course Elle lunchbag in hand. My husband calls me Donkey and my colleague at work calls me Ms. Saddle Bags.

Being a minimalist- and obsessed with being well organised- I thought to myself, there has got to be someone out there who has thought of a way to design a bag suited for my Donkey Dilemma.

Thank you. I now have one single urban looking bag to carry my day in!

I have told all my friends how Lug Puddle Jumper has actually changed my life and have sent them your website link (now on my Facebook).

Whomever actually developed the design of this bag? Gifted I say!!

Note: I happen to purchase the Puddle Jumper in downtown Montreal!

Victoria D. Montreal, QC 2/27/2010