Ripple Cosmetic Case
9.5"w x 6"h x 4"d
Sail away with me!

Great for the girl on the go!
Product Description
A certain... je ne sais quoi!

This slim and stylish cosmetic case slips into any bigger bag, stashing beauty basics with style. You’ll love the big zip pocket inside, and the one on the front is the perfect place to pack those easy-access items—lipgloss, powder, etc. Plus, the whole bag wipes down to clean up any beauty blunder.
  • Fully lined to keep liquids out of or in the bag!
  • Easy to wipe down!
  • 2 zippered pockets for organization
  • Material specially treated with water-repellent finish
  • Try the Parasail as a clutch. The ripple design is cute enough for a night on the town

Love it!

I use this as my "mini purse" that goes inside my tuk tuk diaper bag. Inside of it, I keep my small wallet, phone, day planner, keys, chapstick, medicine, pen and there is still room. Then if I ever get to go out with baby, I just put this inside my purse and away I go! Keeps all my items together and it is so cute! When I bought it, the store only had the green. I wasn't super fond of it, but I grew to love it. It goes nice with my orange tuk tuk and purple shimmy.
Jody Manitoba 1/21/2014


Was given this as a gift. At first I thought it was going to be way to small to hold all my "stuff" for when I travel. It is like magic this bag.......holds way more than you would ever expect - it amazed me. I too wish it was available in few more sizes, the same design. Just great!!
Valerie Askin Portage la Prairie Manitoba Canada 1/9/2013

Almost Ridiculous Amounts of Space!

It truly is ridiculous how much this can hold. I put together a travel kit with all my bathroom items, and they ALL fit inside: 3 oz bottle of body wash 3 oz bottle of conditioner Venus razor (with suction cup razor caddy and two razor refills) Travel toothpaste (outside pocket) Full size toothbrush (outside pocket) Full size floss (outside pocket) Full size deodorant Full size St. Ives face scrub Full size face wash Full size face lotion Travel size perfume spray Full size bar of soap in travel case Like I said, ridiculous! The only thing that didn't fit was my body wash poof, which I attached to the outside. Now everything is all together, and I can just grab the whole thing and go!
Theresa NYC 5/20/2011

This is my purse organizer!

I love this bag! I use it as a purse organizer. I like that it zips shut with a flat zipper. All other organizers are either completely open allowing contents to fall out easier or they zip but the zipper pulls and squeezes the top. The flat zip keeps the bag a flexible box. It holds a lot! I can put the following in my bag: my ereader, PDA, GPS, checkbook, small ID/card wallet, change purse, and pens. The outside pocket holds my portable video game! When I change purses all I have to do is pull this bag out and put it in the new purse. It is great! I have the bright orange color. I do wish they would make a few more sizes in this exact pattern. I can think of so many uses for this bag! This is quality stuff here!
Laurie Norfolk,VA 4/9/2011

So Cute!

I bought these for my sisters but I might have to get one for myself! They are plastic lined inside so it something spills you can just clean it right out. it is also really cute and can be used for a clutch purse.
Rachel Wood River, IL 12/17/2010

Size does matter

Lots of space. Very handy. Like the choice of colours. I may suggest that it can have a "clear view" section for better viewing of the contents though. Other than that, it's fantastic! Thanks again Lug!
Karen Toronto, Ontario 12/6/2010