Day Pack
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9"w x 11.75"h x3"d
What’s not to love about this lightweight mini messenger? The magnetic closure makes for easy access to all the essentials, and you can rest assured your keys, coins, and gadgets are safely stored in this bag’s built-in compartments.
Product Description
The magnetic closure makes for easy access to all the essentials, and you can rest assured your keys, coins, and gadgets are safely stored in this bag’s built-in compartments. The fully adjustable strap fits those big and small, and the water-repellant finish keeps the Moped looking sharp. Like we said, what’s not to love?
  • Hidden magnetic closures
  • Zip mesh pocket under lid
  • Adjustable shoulder strap (57” at extended length)
  • Soft lined mini cargo pockets for digital devices
  • Slim pocket on backside
  • Hidden exterior bottle holder
  • Multiple storage pockets and pen holders
  • Light weight
  • Material specially treated with water-repellent finish

Love it but...

I love this bag because of its convenient size and the cross over strap is a winner. HOWEVER, Lug needs to invest in stronger magnets or add a snap. It doesn't close well. Also, Lug should invest in a better strap - I mean the bag is so beautiful -so many beautiful details- why stop with the straps? Go all the way. :) PLZ consider better straps for all the bags. It would make the bags perfect.
Elisabeth Munoz Quebec, Canada 6/3/2014

Amazing bag!

I have had this bag for almost 6 years and only one magnet just recently stopped working. I find it to be super durable and it keeps everything nice and organized, I don't want to use anything else I absolutely recommend this bag it's great!.
Brianna Alberta, Canada 1/13/2014

Love it but after 5-1/2 months there is wear and tear

When I found Lug in a garden store of all places I was so excited. Its the perfect bag for me. My iPad fits neatly in the back pocket. Good organization. Lots of pockets. After 6 months of constant use the mess pocket ripped at the zipper pull and the lining in the main compartment has ripped away from the seam. Wouldn't stop me from buying another but its a shame.
Jackie Toronto, Ontario, Canada 12/10/2013

Best ever

I bought this bag when on holiday in Canada and just love it to pieces. I wish they could be bought in England. I have used it every day for 2 years and wish I could get another one or even more.
Dilys England 5/3/2013


Wow! I found this at our local hospital's gift shop, and it's perfect! I can tuck my iPad or Kindle (or a magazine) in the back pocket, my travel mug fits the side pocket like it was made for it, and the inside is plenty big enough for my wallet, kleenex, yogurt & granola bar, crayons and pad of paper, random plastic toys... and lots of other stuff that isn't even in there yet. The little front pocket is perfect for "health & beauty aids." It's adorable, too, without being overly girly, and the vertical shape is awesome for a short-waisted short person.
Cattypex Indiana 11/3/2012

Not cute!

I purchased this bag in black with high hopes that I would love it. Well I have to say it really looks like a cooler. My husband even thought that it looked like his lunch bag that just so happened to be sitting on the counter at the same time. I sent it back.
Ellen Orlando FL 11/1/2012

Great features but some disappointments

I have owned 4 of these over the years and could not live without them. I love the new external water bottle holder and the roomier front zipper pocket. But the magnetic closure for the large back pocket does not hold securly like past models. And the metal rectangle attaching the strap is too small, making the strap constantly snag and bunch. Please return to the former model designs for these two areas. Otherwise keep up the great work Lug!
Sharon Jaeger Waterloo, Ontario 8/5/2012

I love this bag

I am a bag person big time and have to have a bag for every occasion. I found this one for my traveling across the miles. I was in New York recently and got caught in a torrential rain storm and I was worried that all my belonings including my camera was going to get soaked. When I got back to my hotel, my LUG bag was drier than I was. I love this bag and would recommend it to anyone who wants extra compartments to store like your passport or important papers for international travel to keep them safe near you. You won't be disappointed.
J. Reid Charlotte, North Carolina 6/22/2012

Great bag, but the strap is imperfect

This is my everyday bag. The size is perfect for quick outings with my two kids, as I can carry my wallet, Blackberry, small camera, one or two diapers, wipes, EpiPen, kleenex and keys. I've had the Moped Bag for well over a year, and it is holding up very well. I plan to get the Cable Car Satchel for when I need a bit more space. My only complaint -- and it's a small one -- is that the metal rectangle that holds the strap tends to turn, squishing the strap into the narrow end of the rectangle and leaving it creased. If the metal rectangle were designed differently, I don't think this would happen.... Anyway, it's a minor complaint; just a little annoying since the bag is perfect in every other way.
Lisa Toronto 5/7/2012

Great Bag!!!!

Bought this bag to go to Vegas...worked perfectly! Even managed to pack an extra light jacket in it for evenings when you didn't get back to your hotel. Back pocket held Playbook and brochure, maps. Inside deep enough for travel documents...pockets great for cell and camera. Just a great bag. As one other person mentioned, I did carry it with flap facing in to feel more secure from pick pocketers. Also bought the zippered wallet and it is very good as well. Also fit in sunglasses and reading glasses...and yes water bottle! amazing the space.
Peg Brandon, MB 2/15/2012


I adore this bag except for the magnetic close-have to get it just right.
Beth toronto 1/24/2012

Great bag for 'light' days!

I got this bag as a prize in my sales job. I love the grey colour because it goes with everything. I have found this bag to be very useful on days when I don't have to carry many items - wallet, makeup, cell phone and keys. It is very well made and durable. Best feature: Felt-lined electronics pocket Needs improvement: If I carry anything slightly heavy (like a book or a water bottle), my strap gets all bunched up in the narrow corner of the buckle (ie. the one at the front that looks like this -> []) and looks funny. I'd give this one a 7 / 10. Thanks Lug!!! :D
Daniela Eastern Ontario, Canada 1/12/2012

Amazing Travel Bag

I bought this bag for my honeymoon to Rome. I had read to be careful of purse snatchers and pickpocketers so I was looking for something that had a cross body strap and was big enough to hold what I needed. (waterbottle holder a definite plus!) This purse was amazing and I absolutely love it. My only complaint (like many others) is the magnetic closure. I didn't feel safe enough with the pickpocketers so I wore it with the front facing in. The outside back pocket was big enough to hold my guide book and a map so it was easily accessable. This little purse holds more than it looks and the pockets are big and deep. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a new purse or a travel bag.
Jenn Northern Ontario 9/30/2011

great for my tablet!

This bag is fantastic! It holds my toshiba thrive along with all of my accessories... keyboard, mouse, flash drive, extra hard drive, power cord etc. It's the perfect size and I still have the back pocket for notes etc.
denise nixa, mo. 9/22/2011


found this at Costco and now I am addicted to lug! It's the perfect size for everything I need including diapers and wipes! I wear it across my body and have my hands free while shopping with three little ones! I am buying two more for my friend and cousin! And I love the irate color! Thank you lug!
Margo brampton, ont 8/12/2011

Cannot love this bag enough!

I admit to being a luggage addict - and I bought this bag half out of boredom in Edmonton Airport...but now I cannot rave enough about it!! This is my "go to" for travel and helf the time I don't even change back to a regular purse. I fit in my Ipad, wallet, glucose testing meter/insulin pen, lippy and lip pencil/blush and brush/face wipes, reading glasses in front pocket with my nexus card (yep - I travel too much) and still some room inside. Only thing I would add is a little pocket on oppsite side from the INVALUABLE drink cup holder for a cell phone/blackberry to save me from digging inside it every day! I just bought another 2 of these to gift to my sisters and I am looking forward to picking up a wheeled pubble jumper next (if I can ever find a black one!!) and I know I will love it too! THANKS LUG!!
Carol Heggie Toronto Ontario 6/22/2011

Best iPad/Gadget Bag

Gadgetgirl here! So I have many gadgets and I hate not being able to bring 'em along (everywhere!) and this bag is my favorite. I've purchaswd many purses, bags, wallets, cases and holders searching for the right one to hold the right combo of stuff. This is it! I've not had any problems with the closures. My only suggestion would be to use the "soft lining" on the outside front pocket for cell phones since I don't like to bury my phone to far inside my bag. Ps love the grape colour!
Gadgetgirl Vancoyver Island 5/6/2011

Really a great bag!

I think this is a great bag. My only complaint was that the back pocket was gaping so I sewed a magnet on it and it now stays closed. My friend has an older version of this bag and hers DOES have a magnetic closure on the back pocket. Wonder why they changed it?
Judy Hildebrandt Chilliwack BC 11/11/2010

Not Big enough for every day

I bought this bag in hopes of finding a purse that would still work but was smaller, hence enticing me to carry less stuff.

What I discovered was that this bag would work great, except your wallet needs to be a half size or trifold, not a long one. As soon as anything large went into the bag, it wouldn't close properly. I wear glasses, and therefore carry prescription sunglasses in a case in my purse - those wouldn't fit with my wallet.

Great idea for a bag, and I do love the style, the pockets and the design. But be prepared to 'downsize' what you carry in order to make it fit.
Streatch Kitchener 9/18/2010

Perfect Bag

This bag is the perfect size to carry all the necessities (wallet, make up, hand cream, phone, water bottle, glasss etc). I love all the different compartments on the inside and the outside and I am sure there are some I haven't even found yet! Slim and stylish!
Pam Toronto, Ontario 8/30/2010

Sorry, can not recommend this item.

Have the weekend bag and love it. Bought the Day Pack and am disappointed. There are some pretty glaring problems with the bag, first of which is that the magnets do not work! At the very least a travel bag needs to keep what is inside...inside! Difficult to do that when it won't stay closed. Also, either side metal rings (rectangle in shape) are the wrong shape or there isn't enough left in the strap but the strap is forever twisted in the rings sideways making it awkward/uncomfortable to wear. The little front zip closure is almost useless and would be better served if the inside pouch was removed. Like the fact that it is water resistant and the overall shape is good but can not recommend it as a secure, user friendly bag and certainly a poor choice for travel.
D Pearson Edmonton 7/28/2010

So far so good!

I bought this bag to use as my "Mom Bag"/daytime purse. I love that there's a place for a bottle and room for a change of clothes for my little girl - who almost always needs a change of clothes . . .
Bridget Buell Madison, WI 6/30/2010

Love this bag!

I went to the store to buy the Cable Car Satchel, but liked the size of this one much better (the other one was too big). Lots of little compartments and pockets. The magnetic closure works great - has just enough hold to stay shut and prevent items from falling out if the purse goes upside down (yeah, I actually tested it :P) but is easy to open in a hurry with one hand.
Jennifer Nova Scotia 5/20/2010

Awesome bag!

With this bag, I can keep my wallet, camera, skin lotion, cell and all I need for a diaper change in one compact practical place. There's a pocket for everything so I don't search for my items anymore. A purse I can dress up or down, it is all I need. I would only suggest adding a stiching to this inside-flap mesh pocket as any metal items go strait to the magnets and then it cannot close properly. My friend recommended this bag, I now have it and am buying the same for my sisters birthday.
Colette Saskatchewan 5/18/2010

love it!

I love this it to go to Disney..and thought that would be all i would use if for..but not the is perfect..the magnetic my only complaint..that doe not work at never has..which is disapointing..should be a snap!!
Melissa New Brunwick Canada 3/27/2010

Great bag

I love it except for the magnetic closure. It doesn't stay closed well. I wish it had an actual snap.
Heidi Champaign, IL 3/22/2010

Love it!!!

I love this bag, being a mom of four my hands need to be free and with this bag i accomplish that.. i love the style all of their colors are awesome i cant ask for anything else.. i went through alot of messenger bags before finding the perfect one... LUG.. THANKS ALOT GUYS
Laurie Hilerio Saint Cloud, Florida 3/10/2010