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Double Backflip
$13.20 – $33.00
9"w x 4.5"h x 1.5"d
Do a double take! This wallet does double duty with twice the capacity of its singular counterpart.

Product Description

The Double Backflip!

We've taken our smart Backflip Wallet and doubled it for twice the form, functionality, and fun! The Double Backflip boasts not one, but two front pockets with a clever accordion feature, so you can easily organize cards, receipts, or photos. With tons of storage inside, a penholder, and a coin pocket on the back, this wallet also makes a smart clutch when you want to give your bigger bag a break.
• A clever accordion design that keeps cards orderly and easy to find
• A zippered coin pocket on the back
• Tons of storage space inside
• A penholder
• 26 Card Slots

My favourite wallet ever

I am a big card user. I love the fact that this wallet provides easy access to my various cards. When I first got it, I did have a problem with the magnetic flaps opening when I put the wallet back in my purse. I solved that problem by putting my wallet into my purse upside down. I have purchased a second one in case it is ever discontinued, and the single backflip for my smaller purses.
Erika Acton, ON 4/21/2013

I too wanted to love it

The snaps in front are not secure and do open on their own all the time. I really wouldn't want a credit card with a $20,000.00 limit falling out in the wrong place. Taking it back.
Dara Winnipeg 1/1/2013

Buyer Beware

I have this wallet and it's great except that the front pockets are a problem because the snaps don't stay closed if there are any cards inside.
Jessie MB 12/17/2012


I want to love this wallet. I love all my purses from Lug. But my cards keep flipping out all over the stores I am in. The snap does not stay closed.I cannot keep this wallet organized. Very disappointed.
Kristine Manitoba 10/16/2012

I agree

I also have had trouble with my front snaps opening constantly...I had to go out and get Velcro and modify it myself. Now I love it, but was very disappointed for the first little while :(
Kate Addison, Ontario 10/3/2012

Dream come true

I went in to a local boutique looking for a new wallet. I stumbled upon this one and fell in love! I have to have a wallet that zips not snaps and this one not only has that feature, but the front pockets are perfect! Also love the color, texture, look and the size! What a dream come true! The only thing that could make it better would be a wrist strap. But I will dream of that for next time...maybe you will add this feature. :-)
Becka Omaha, Ne 9/24/2012

Agree with "I want to love it"

So true! I want to really love this wallet and I mostly do. I bought it for the outside zip pocket that holds my iPhone perfectly!!! BUT,...the outside double snap card holders are AWFUL! They continually come unsnapped and cards fall everywhere. They need to have a more secure connection. If that changed, the wallet would be just perfect!!
Paula BC 9/11/2012

Just what I've been needing for years!!

Love it. Lots of room for cards! And doesn't get bulky even with lots of change and checkbook. :). Love it!!
Jen Ontario 7/24/2012

Awesome wallet!

I went into a local store to get the Puddle Jumper, my first Lug bag and saw this wallet, i had to have it. I am forever stacking my cards in wallet and can never find them but this is perfect,I can see them all at once :). Love it and my puddle jumper!!
Jen Beaubien French River, ON 7/22/2012

I want to love it

This wallet is able to hold everything and more then I want to carry with me... However the flip open pockets in the front are constantly opening, sending my cards flying! It would be nice if the snaps were a little more secure.
Valerie Manitoba 7/17/2012

Buttons on flip out card holders

I love the style of this wallet but I'm frustrated. After purchasing the double flip back wallet this spring, I filled the 2 card locations at once and noticed the magnet/snap of the fastners was quite weak. I liked the wallet so much I just kept using it...but its gotten worse and I've had 2 times where my cards all slipped out in stores. Now the 2 front compartments are just staying open. I need to retire this wallet and get another that can accommodate my cards but the other lug wallet I see here only has 14 slots. Disappointed with the fastners and sad that I have to put my lug away.
Lorna Sargent Lewisporte, Newfoundland 6/28/2012

Double backflip wallet

I recieved this wallet for Christmas. I love the look of it...but am concerned about the accordian pockets for credit cards??? The closure is magnetic, will this not affect my cards stripe??? I tried to call your customer service, but no answer :(
Angie Long Brantford,Ontario,Canada 1/19/2012

Some improvements could make this AWESOME!

I am definitely a Lug product fan. I own the Tango Travel Wallet, the Hula Hoop Carry-all Messenger Bag, the Puddle Jumper Bag, the Mini Puddle Jumper Day Bag, the Moped Day Pack, and the Cartwheel Fitness/Overnight Bag all in Crimson Red. I purchased the Double Backflip Wallet because I wanted an organized fashionable item to keep cards and have the option of taking this as a stand alone item instead of hauling a larger bag or purse. I do use it for this purpose, but the magnets that hold the card slots closed are weak and often open. This is especially frustrating when the cards fall all over a parking lot or empty out in to a larger bag. I really like Lug products and have purchased many as gifts for family, however, I would like to suggest that this issue be addressed in this model. I look forward to continuing to be a fan and giver of Lug products.
Lug Product Fan Ontario, Canada 12/21/2011

Buyer Beware

Loving this wallet, but i do have one major complaint. Plenty of storage, great quality, and enough room to fit my bulky iphone. The issue that I have with it are the snaps on the front. They burst open, spreading my financial cards all over the place. Yesterday, it happened in a snowy parking lot, while carrying the wallet under my arm. This wouldn't be too much of an issue if the wallet was carried in a purse I guess, although you'd be digging for the cards at the bottom of it. I am looking into replacing this with another Lug product - the Handspring.
Jennifer Canada 11/15/2011

Double Backflip Wallet

I love the look of this wallet but I am quite disappointed in the two front pockets for cards. They do not stay snapped and I've actually had some of my cards fall out. I've tried not filling the accordians to full and they still pop open. I think the flap covering the pockets need to be longer and possibly a set of two snaps on each for varied fullness or maybe magnets in place to keep them shut.
Judy Driscoll Quispamsis, New Brunswick 11/7/2011

Returned this product

I was not happy with this wallet. The magnetic snaps on the front do not close. I filled the front flap only half full and it still wouldn't close. I was told by the retailer that it probably wasn't made to hold that many cards...i only had 4 in there! Very disappointed b/c i really liked the wallet.
Marcy Canada 7/28/2011