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Fitness/Overnight Bag
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18"w x 13.5"h x 6.5"d
Not since being a kid has a cartwheel been this accessible. Just remember to stretch!

Product Description

You are going to flip for this bag's unique front patch!

It's the perfect place to slip bigger items, like your yoga mat. But that's not all this brilliant bag can boast. You'll find oodles of pockets: two big cargo ones, lots more little ones, zipped ones, and soft-lined ones for gadgets. There's even a special ring holder for your baubles when you're at the gym. You'll also find Lug favorites, like a ventilated compartment, clear-coated bottom for easy cleaning, and a luggage strap. Plus, this bag comes with a bonus: a removable key fob.
• Unique front patch for storing your yoga mat
• Special ring holder inside the side pocket
• Hidden exterior bottle holder
• Two big cargo pockets and lots more little ones
• Zipped pockets and soft-lined ones for gadgets
• Removable key fob
• Luggage strap
• Light weight
• Material specially treated with water-repellent finish
• Ventilated compartment
• Clear-coated bottom for easy cleaning

Good stuff

My wife bought this for herself and used it for a diaper bag. It worked great. After about 6 months, she bought somthing new. I use it now as a gym bag. I have had it with me for about year. The zippers have held out well. Lots of pockets. It seems pretty tough. Still looks new after year in my care. Does it look girlie? Maybe a little but my care factor for what others think is very low.
Jeff Canada 12/9/2013


I abosutley ADORE this bag! I use it day to day for my gym bag and it makes an excellent overnight bag. SO MUCH ROOM! I almost went as far as buying another one in a different color. By far my favourite lug product
jb canada 10/7/2013

great bag but.....

I also use this bag as a carry on...have used it on appoxiamately 10 separate trips since the new year. It's a great size fits everything I need. I recieved it as a gift!! The only trouble I have had with it is the straps are starting to pull off. I also recieved the puddle jumper bag (I love it too!) as a gift and the seam inside ripped out after my first trip! Lug was amazing and replaced the bag promptly by mail!!! I'm not sure if I am hard on bags because of the amount of travel I do. I am considering just having the bag repaired locally this time but will send pics of the damage so that Lug can look into reenforcing the seams around the straps on future production!!!
Alyssa Greene New Brunswick 6/24/2013

Great for multi-sports and big feet!

Have had the bag for a 2 months now and can't say enough great things about it. I was initially worried about shoe storage, because of some of the other reviews I read. I wear a 10.5 and my shoes fit perfectly. Love all the different storage areas. I am a tri athlete so I am also carrying different shoes and workout clothes to swim and run. I actually use the yoga mat area for my rolled up beach towel. Don't think I will ever use anything else now.
Ashere' Dallas, Tx 3/31/2013

Great Bag Overall

I love this bag, I used for traveling and for work. So many compartments and organize. LOVE IT!
Aurora Parra Chicago, IL 10/26/2012

I'm doing cartwheels!

I love this bag! I bought it as a diaper bag and I can't stop bragging about it and showing if off everywhere I go! You need to get one to understand how awesome it truly is.
Alley British Columbia, Canada 7/20/2012

Love, Love, Love It!!!

I FINALLY after months and months of looking for the bag suitable for my needs (spinning and yoga) found it! I am so happy my search is over, the bag is the perfect size, durable and fashionable.
Connie Toronto 7/13/2012

Such a Disappointment

I've had this bag for a month and have been telling everyone to go to Lug and buy I'm going to find them all and tell them never mind. The bag is starting to rip at one of the straps and now I've come to notice that the zippers are starting to discolor as well. I'm so upset. I'm going to contact the company immediately and see how they handle it and that well determine whether or not I am a life long customer. How is this a good option for an overnight bag if you can't even carry a laptop in it? Again very disappointed.
Geri New York, NY 10/12/2011

One of the best purchases I've made!

I adore this bag! I bought it for a carry-on bag for my trip to Greece and it was amazing. The organization is great for security and the size is easy to handle whether walking through busy Heathrow or down the isle of the plane! It is easy to keep everything safe and secure. The pockets are wonderful. On the plane they allowed me to easily gain access to things and stay organized. You can travel knowing that everything is safe and taken care of. I also use this bag as a rehearsal bag. There is a place for my dance shoes in the bottom pocket, a place for my jewelry in one of the end pockets, a place for my dance clothes, my keys, my cell phone, iPod, script, libretto, and whatever else I might need to carry. It is a do it all bag. In short, I highly recommend this bag. It was a breeze to travel with and I will be using it on a daily basis for rehearsal. Thank you for taking the time to read this review and buy this bag!
Virginia Small Philadelphia, PA 8/20/2011

Fitness Bag

I really really love this bag. I got it for my birthday and it is so amazing. It has so many pockets that there are even pockets inside of pockets. An organizers dream. Also it's perfect for me because it keeps my wet things away from my electronics. Only downside is it is a bit big. But that could be a plus too on some days.
Caroline Cocoa Beach, FL 5/19/2011