4.5"w x 4.25"h x 1.5"d
Caution! You’re going to flip for this wallet and its smartest feature—the ingenious accordion cardholder design.

Product Description

The Backflip!

The smallest of our smart new wallets, the Backflip features a clever accordion design that keeps cards orderly and easy to find. With lots of storage space inside, a zippered coin pocket on the back, and an ID slip to keep your card in view, this little wallet organizes all the essentials with ease. It's the perfect size to slip in a pocket and get going.
• A clever accordion design that keeps cards orderly and easy to find
• A zippered coin pocket on the back
• Lots of storage space inside
• An ID slip to keep your card in view
• 12 card slots

Love the Inside Compartments

I've had this wallet for a couple of years and use it every day. I believe some updates have helped with issues I currently have—the accordian side won't stay closed (I think I saw an updated version with a larger, stronger magnet than the small snap on mine). Can I trade it in and get a discount on a new one?? Because it doesn't stay closed, the accordian material has become unshapened. Cards don't stay in place. I'm afraid to use that compartment now.
Cheryl Lebanon, TN USA 5/21/2013

Clasp not big enough

I purchased this wallet after seeing the one my mother had received. However, I have been disappointed in the fact that the clasp or snap on mine is extremely smaller than the one on my mothers. Mine will not stay closed and my cards fall out in my purse. I don't understand why one wallet has such a great clasp that is magnetic and stays closed and the other has a small one that doesn't stay closed. They both cost the same??? Frustrated
Tina Canada 3/16/2013

It's okay

I got this today, and just did the 'wallet change-over'. I like it, although the closure for accordian pocket isn't very good, so I had to minimize the number of cards I put in, leaving several empty so that it would stay closed. I only managed to get 9 cards in there without it popping open constantly. It would be much better if it had a stronger clasp, or they positioned it so that when each slot has 1 or 2 cards it can close (when I had each slot filled, some with 2 cards it didn't come close to closing).
Angela Spruce Grove, Alberta 6/15/2011


Bought the wallet reorganized my stuff and loved it until I put it in my purse and realized that the backflip opens up when I put it into the purse. I did this serveral times as I normally would place my wallet and repeatedly it opens. If it was zippered it would be a perfect wallet. Disappointed very much as I love your products. Obviously if it open us that easy when being put into a handbag then your cards can easily fall out..
Wendy Canada 5/16/2011
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